Career Tower Bersama Group - Januari 2018

Info Karir Terbaru 2018PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure, Tbk (Tower Bersama Group) is one of the largest independent tower companies in Indonesia. The Company’s telecommunication sites are scattered throughout the country to provide the telecommunications with the ultimate solutions for wireless telecommunication infrastructure. Our infrastructure range provides telecommunication tower and DAS (distributed antenna system) tenancies to wireless telecommunication Operators with build-to-suit and collocation solutions.

Position Available :
  • Digital Solution Development Departement Head - HO
  • Regional Project Support Section Head - Surabaya
  • Telco Civil Senior Engineer - HO
  • Asset Civil Senior Engineer - HO
  • PM SITAC - Pekanbaru, Makassar
  • NOC Data Performance & Client Officer - HO
  • IT System Development Staff - HO
  • Maintenance Field Staff -  Bali, Rengat
If you want to apply this jobs, Send your CV to :
Subject : Position-Media Posting
(Ex: PM SITAC Pekanbaru - LinkedIn)

For other Vacancy positions & detail qualifications, visit :

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